FYS skateboard manufacturer

Professional manufacturer of skateboard, longboard and cruiser, with maple, bamboo and composite material.
Providing more than 100 types, direct from factory, with over 20 years’ expertise, OEM or wholesale.

Why choose FYS skateboard manufacturer?

FYS factory, established in 1997, is amongst one of the best manufacturers of high-end skateboard, longboard and cruiser in China. Our products are produced with most advanced and innovated technology at competitive price. You are always welcome to visit our factory or review our samples.

What skateboards product series we produce?

We have rich experience in manufacturing in more than 100 types and designs of traditional skateboard, modern skateboard, long skateboard, and short cruiser. We know the features and advantages of different types of materiel, such North American maple, Asian maple, Asian Bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber or hybrid of above.


A few things we’re great at

Our clients are always happy with our professionalism, rich variety of types, as well high quality and skillful craftmanship.

large selection of skateboard types

Abundant model options

Based on our more than twenty years of production experience, we have accumulated a great many types of skateboard shapes and styles. We can satisfy different needs for certain skateboarding type and style.

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FYS Board Factory R&D

Innovative deck technology 

We have committed to continuous skateboard deck manufacturing technology innovation. And we also have tested combination of various types of material and veneer laying to see their strength and performance.

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FYS bamboo material

New application of bamboo

In addition to maple wood, bamboo is also an excellent material for skateboard deck. And what’s more it is much easily to be planted. Because of its unique fiber structure, it delivers more strength and flexibility.

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skateboard production process

Skateboard Deck Production Process

We finish all the deck production in house at FYS Board factory. First, fine maple wood will be sliced into thin veneers. Or bamboo is cut into thin strip. Before pressing, proper glue will be applied to both side of the veneers. Semi-decks are cut and polished and then being printed.


Quality certification

FYS factory has always been committed to quality control, environmental protection, and technology innovation. We are ISO 9001 certified and a member of FSC. We have obtained two utility patents and 32 design patents.

FYS certificate

Some Exhibitions FYS Board Attends

FYS board factory actively attends exhibitions or fairs to show clients with latest products and new technologies. Out visitors are always surprised with our fantastic craftmanship and attentions to details.

FYS Board at 36th Shanghai Sports Show

36th Shanghai Sports Show

FYS Board at 122th Canton Fair

122th Canton Fair

FYS Board at 123th Canton Fair

123th Canton Fair

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thanks to FYS Board factory, we have diversified suppliers of high-quality skateboard and longboards at quite reasonable price. They are a good supplementary to our Canada local manufacturers.


Contact us

Free sample will be available for serious inquiries. Always feel free to contact us for more details of our service and products and get an instant quotation.