About FYS Skateboard Factory China

One of the best longboard, cruiser and skateboard factory of china

Who we are?

One of oldest China skateboard factories founded in 1997

FYS Board skateboard factory of China was established in 1997, by James Wang, a successful entrepreneur and skillful carpenter. He concentrated radically to improve skateboards manufacturing techniques and innovate new methods. Since his endless effort and contribution, our factory is honored as the State-level High-tech Corporate, and National Leading Forestry Enterprise in 2013 and 2017. We have five networking branches, production bases in Shaoyang, a research center, as well as a training and competition venue in Changsha. We also have assembling facility in Dongguan, and an electric skateboard operational base in Xiangtan city.

Environmental Awareness

FYS Board has always committed to the environmental protection. We spent a great deal of funds to replace old machines with more energy-saving equipment. We laminate our veneers with gules which could meet the newest standards of US California State. We constantly improve skateboard manufacturing technique with traditional maple woods. And FYS also tests and introduces new materials, such as bamboo, fiber glass, carbon fiber, to promote a sustainable and green growth of skateboarding.

Patents and Certification

FYS was granted two utility patents for a skateboard manufacturing method of combining materials of maple wood, bamboo and fiber glass in 2010, and invention of a type of skateboard with colored bamboo stripes in 2012, in addition to another 32 design patents. FYS has been assessed and certificated by FSC and CE as well as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001.

Service to Worldwide Clients

FYS has supplied skateboards to national teams of Britain, Vietnam, Malaysia. Our company has fully engaged in the promotion of skateboarding sports in China. It is a member of Chinese Extreme Sports Association. It has drafted the National Skateboarding Team Competition Standards. It sponsored Hunan State Skateboarding Team as well as China 18th Extreme Sports Competition in 2017.

Brands of FYS Boards

Besides OEM manufacturing for global top skateboard brands, FYS has also registered its own brands MKskateboard, SOOE, because of its confidence in quality and service. Ever since 2015, we have worked with WEST49 to sell our brand MKskateboard in Canada.

FYS skateboard factory china

FYS Boards Timeline

FYS has been engaged in constructing high-performance skateboards, longboards, cruise boards since 1997.

1997 FYS Boards first established in a rented small factory;
2010 brand MKskateboard registered and granted a patent of making decks with wood, bamboo and fiber glass;
2012 granted a patent for invention of colored bamboo stripe deck;
2020 Moon Island training and competition base was open to public

FYS skateboard factory china showroom

Why FYS Boards?

1. Quick expansion and steady commitment

We started from a small facility, making just 5,000 sets annually. With less than 10 years, in 2005, we bought our own land of 5,3000 square meters, and constructed a new factory, expanding our year production capacity over one million sets by now.

2. First-Class Manufacturing and strict inspection

Pressure-added peeling ensures more density in veneers with the same thickness. 60 tons of pressure for 2hours, cold press or hot press.

3. Continuous Investment in R&D

Investing 5% of annual sales revenue in R&D each year; Granted 34 industrial patents; recognized as National High-tech Corporate.

4. Excellent Service

12 hours office service (8AM-8PM); 3-5 weeks deliver after order confirmation and payment; 100% warranty against all manufacturing defects: breaks, delaminating and etc.

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