Worldwide skateboard manufacturers list

Although the most famous and oldest skateboard manufactures on the list are from the US, there are many reliable woodshops from other countries. With the development of manufacturing techniques, and equipment, sourcing high quality skateboard and longboard is possible world widely. Custom build skateboard with FYSboard Factory Skateboard Manufacturers List from Canada Manufacturer Founding Year…
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How much does a good skateboard deck cost

How much does a good skateboard deck cost? Many skateboarding beginners and professionals usually ask this question. There is no standard answer to it. It depends mainly on the material and brands. Of courses, whole sale price and retails prices are quite different. First, let’s define what is a good deck. Normally, the best and…
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How to start a skateboard company?

How to start a skateboard company is always a question for many skateboarders. As we all might know that many great skateboarders, such as Ed Templeton, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, all have their own skateboard company brand. Enthusiasm is the very basics of all successful entrepreneurship.   With conclusions and experience of famous skateboarders and…
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