Custom skateboard Truck Manufacturing

OEM fabricate your most featured skateboard trucks with FYS Board factory

FYS Board factory has a joint venture factory, focusing on skateboard truck manufacturing. We develop new technologies in casting desirable metals, design new structures and test on our skateboards. We know what is a best truck for a certain type of deck. You can print logo and special graphics on our various existing models, or you can just tell us your idea, or send us samples or 3D drawings. We can help fulfill your works, within just several weeks. You can also contact us for custom building skateboard and longboard decks to match your trucks.

custom skateboard truck 2

Choose right Material

Aluminum alloy 356 is the most common used material for casting truck base plate and hanger. It has excellent corrosion resistance. Mechanical properties are outstanding, especially after given a solution and aging treatment (T5, T6). It is a more preferable metal, delivering both lightness and toughness to skateboard trucks. To even reducing more weight, titanium or magnesium alloy sometime is melted. However, they are more expensive.

Grade 8 Axle Steel / 4041/4140 Chrome Molybdenum Axle Steel, are chosen to make the axle and kingpin. They can provide high fatigue strength, abrasion and impact resistance, and torsional strength. Sometimes, titanium will replace steel to make it lighter.

Bushings are usually manufactured with poly urethane, with common hardnesses 80A,85A,90A, 95A,99A.

Use mature Technology

We fabricate the base plate and hanger with gravity casting method. The molten aluminum, titanium or magnesium mix, is poured into the sand mold slowly and carefully. Air bubbles are prevented. Thought time consuming, it makes tougher and more durable trucks than die casting method. Sometimes, we would forge the baseplate, to make it lighter and stronger. Anyway, gravity casting is a more mature way.

After casting, aging treatment, extra material will be cut, surface will be polished and axles will be threaded.

gravity casting skateboard truck
skateboard truck surface finish

Choose unique surface finish brands

The best easy way to OEM your branded trucks, we suggest is to make a different looking. FYS factory to offer the following ways:

Electroplated Finish
Polished Finish
Water Transfer Finish
Powder Coat Finish
Laser Etching Finish

Solid skateboard truck and hollow truck

We offer both standard solid truck and hollow truck
Solid truck features great strength;
While hollow truck combines strength and lightness

custom skateboard truck 1