How much does a good skateboard deck cost

How much does a good skateboard deck cost

How much does a good skateboard deck cost? Many skateboarding beginners and professionals usually ask this question. There is no standard answer to it. It depends mainly on the material and brands. Of courses, whole sale price and retails prices are quite different.

First, let’s define what is a good deck. Normally, the best and most traditional material for building skateboard deck is North American maple wood. With manufacturing development, composite material, such as carbon fiber, fiber glass is introduced into deck production.

In most recent years, craftsman also use bamboo material in constructing decks. Bamboo brings more pop and strength, compared with traditional material. Furthermore, it grows faster and helps reduce deforestation.

How much does a good skateboard deck cost

How much does a good skateboard deck cost? Blank decks VS brand decks

Blank decks

Blank decks, which has no graphics on the bottom side, are usually cheaper than branded decks with printings. It almost consists of the deck production fee and factory and retailer’s small margin on it. If you are a beginner and wish to set up a complete skateboard, just go right ahead with it. It’s quite enough for practice and entrance training.

Blank decks, decks with no graphics on the bottom, usually run a lot cheaper than pro decks and ride just as well. But if you fancy having your favorite pro skateboarder’s deck and you have enough money, go right ahead.

Brand decks

For bland good skateboard decks, the retail price will vary from around 20-30 USD. For bulk purchasing, the price could be as low as 15 USD. For even large OEM massive manufacturing, the price could be around 10USD per deck.

Brand decks, usually come along with graphics and logos. They charge more. Some have special deck manufacturing deck technology. Some brand deck features carbon-composite layers in with the Maple plies. Some have five internal air-frame chambers. This is designed to reduce weight and increase stiffness.

Prices for famous brand decks vary from $ 30-$50. For example, Mini-logo charge 37.50USD, and Powell Silver charges 49.95USD. While, some high-end product sells at higher price, such as Powell Peralta Quicktail with retail price of $ 100.00.

How much does a good skateboard deck cost? Bamboo deck

Bamboo deck gains more and more popular with new and environment-consciously skateboarders. Although bamboo material is easier to get, its’ manufacturing is more complicated and requires more effort at present time.

Its’ retailer price would be some $ 42.50, with graphics. However, this price gives less margin to sellers compared with brand Canadian maple deck selling. For large quantity OEM manufacturing, bamboo deck would be 10% higher than maple deck.

How much does a good skateboard deck cost


How much does a good skateboard deck cost? It would never be last question to ask when you decide to choose a skateboard. The price would not be the final factor. You should also consider which deck is most suitable for your choice. For first beginner, try blank decks. For fans, try brand decks. And for new things challengers, try some bamboo skateboard decks.


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