How to start a skateboard company?

How to start a skateboard company?

How to start a skateboard company is always a question for many skateboarders. As we all might know that many great skateboarders, such as Ed Templeton, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, all have their own skateboard company brand. Enthusiasm is the very basics of all successful entrepreneurship.  

With conclusions and experience of famous skateboarders and owners of brands, there are some principles and useful suggestions for your ambition of building your own skateboard company.

How to start a skateboard company?

Preparing for all the difficulties before how to start a skateboard company

Doing business is not as fun as just skateboarding. It require more boring daily works, like selecting suppliers, finding business location, warehousing, shipping arrangement, custom service and etc.. Enthusiasm is the start of your dream, but to fulfill it demands a more painful hard working. Maybe not funny at the beginning, however, when you grasp the essence of the business, management and see your satisfaction of your customers, it would be best rewarding.

Talking to your skateboard companions, store owner or friends, you can gather information what your possible customers like and want. Get a deep research of the basic knowledge of skateboard, longboard and cruisers. You have to get a full understanding of different material of the decks, different types of trucks and wheels.

How to start a different skateboard company

People always want the different options and crazy for new ideas. Build a unique culture for your skateboard brand. It is for youngsters, girls, natives, fashion lovers, or others. There is always a niche market share for your beginning. The new idea may come from a friend, or a potential client, or from your inner heart.

Logo of your skateboard is your identity or your presentation of your dream. It presents passion, elegance or craziness. Think carefully about your uniqueness and your logo design.

You could make a difference in the graphic design, or material of the deck, printings on the wheels, or even a creation of trucks.

Build your skateboard company with some friends

Starting a skateboard company is quite time consuming and money consuming. Never to do it on your own. You might have great talents on skateboarding and have great deal of fans and followers. It would be quite easy for your brand to gain popularity when you or at least one of your team has such reputation.

Graphic design usually needs great specialty. It requires a soul for both art and the spirit of skateboarding, as well as a deep understanding of your company culture. It needs patience, dedication and inspiration. Find the right person and make him a permanent company member. He always gives your brand a new idea.

Other specialists, such purchasing, marketing, customer communication, are also indispensable. Recruit a team and make friends with them.

Find a reliable supplier before getting know how to start a skateboard company

Another essential question of how to start a skateboard company is how to find the reliable supplier of skateboard manufacturer. A good supplier ensures fulfilling of quantity and quality of expected skateboards.

To judge whether a skateboard manufacturer is good or not, you can do some research of the following aspects:

1. how long the factory has been engaged in skateboard industry. Skateboard factory with long history usually have rich experience in production preparation, design creation, material selection, R&D.

2. know how to do skateboard OEM manufacturing. Private labeling skateboard is not an easy issue. Factory owner needs to know the market trends, latest production technology. It would be the best, if the skateboard manufacturer has the mold for the expected product. A variety of molds and models are always  

3. a trial order before massive production. To start with a small order to test the supply chain capability of the new supplier, not just their production quality, but also their service ability.

Advertise your skateboard brands

As a small brand, it would be quite difficult to do massive and aggressive advertisement. Grouping your fans is the very start. Persuade them with your product quality, different features and competitive price.

Use the internet. Build an online brand and group online fans. Build your fame in online community. Start topics with your skateboard online.

Organize your skateboard team when your brand grows. Sponsoring talented young skateboarders and organize competitions.

It is never to say that you could be fully prepared to know of how to start a skateboard company, unless you get into it. Begin with scratching your first logo, graphics, and make your first batches of samples. Test it with your friends and improve your skateboard with their feedbacks.


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