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Manufacturing high quality custom private label skateboards and longboards

As a leading custom skateboard manufacturer and longboard manufacturer in China mainland over 20 years, we provide complete solution to skateboarding production, with our innovated deck technologies. As a custom skateboard manufacturer, we provide OEM service to our clients in US, Canada, south America, UK, Europe and etc. We are proficient in developing various deck shapes, concaves, and laminating with different material, such as maple, bamboo, fiber glass and carbon fiber. Our 5,3000 square meters large production base is installed with 20 hot and cold pressers, 4 sets of working CNC routers, a veneer mill center, as well as other advanced machines.

Why to do private label skateboard construction?

Skateboarding has gained great popularity among youngsters ever since its birth in 1940s, in California, US. And it would surely get greatly promoted by, being as an Olympics sport, worldwide in future. Small stores, big distributors, sports fashion giants, all favor to create brands of their owns, to group fans and build loyalty.

How to do OEM skateboard production at FYS Board?

There are two ways of getting your OEM skateboards, longboards or cruisers. The simpler way is to develop your branded boards with our existing models. The more complex way is to develop special new molds, shapes, create customized artworks, or make special surface treatment. If you have such ideas, FYS Board factory will be an excellent choice. We can meet your both types of needs. See, how we custom construct parts below:

Custom building skateboard decks, trucks and wheels with your logos or graphics

custom skateboard deck manufacturing

Build skateboard, longboard or cruise decks
with multiple materials,
various concaves, shapes, or artworks
Learn more about deck laminating process

custom truck

Standard kingpin or reserve kingpin
Custom graphics, printed logos
Desired color, matte or glossy finish
Learn skateboard truck manufacturing

custom wheel

Core wheels, dual durometer wheels
Logo and slogan printed
Desired shape, color, hardness
Learn more about wheels series

Unique 100% Bamboo Skateboard

Three layers of bamboo veneers, no wood used, plus two layers of fiberglass

REGENERATO bamboo skateboard 1
REGENERATO bamboo skateboard 2
REGENERATO bamboo skateboard 3

Existing skateboard shapes and models for custom manufacturing

Please take a review of our models and shapes, which we have molds and experience to make.

skateboard model selection

Get more types and shapes

Custom manufacture skateboard with us

We offer a full range service from shape development, surface treatment, labelling and assembly, at our mature production facility.

custom skatebord manufacturing service

Skateboard Deck Material Combination

We are driven by creation and research of new deck development technologies.

all bamboo deck

All bamboo deck

bamboo deck with colored maple veneer

bamboo deck with maple veneer

bamboo deck with carbon fiber

bamboo deck with carbon fiber

Recommended by professional skateboarders

FYS Boards Factory always surprise me with their new decks created with bamboo and other composite material. It is lighter and stiffer. I can do more new tricks. They provide sheer fun and pleasure. I stuff my store with all their skateboards, while with my brand. Trusted and recommend!

–skateboard pro and store owner-Mark Lau

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