REGENERATO Bamboo Skateboard

REGENERATO skateboard, 100% eco-friendly bamboo , without using maple wood.

  • Three layers of bamboo
  • Two layers of fiberglass
  • No use of maple wood
  • Epoxy glue
  • With more flex
  • Durable and longer life

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REGENERATO skateboard is produced by FYSboard Factory, which was founded in 1997.
bamboo skateboard

bamboo skateboard 1

Package includes

One bamboo deck
Size: 8″ x 31.75″or 8.25″ x 32”; Thickness 11-11.5mm
Weight: 1.25-1.30kg;          Load: 200-300kg

One set of Hollow trucks
Size: 5’’               Weight: 300g (one truck)
Bushing hardness: 90A

One set of wheels
Size: 52x32mm       Weight: 210g (four wheels)
Hardness: 102A      

Eight Bearings: Black ceramic bearing

One piece of GRIPTAPE, Eight BOLTS and One TOOL.

Why choose bamboo skateboard?

It takes 50 years for a maple to mature and 5 years for a bamboo. Choosing bamboo decks helps reduce deforestation. It makes skateboarding sustainable and eco-friendly.

Bamboo has much stronger fiber, which helps absorb impact, generate more flex, and maintain good condition for a longer time. Based on over twenty years of manufacturing experience, REGENERATO bamboo skateboard has been upgraded to a new level.

bamboo skateboard 2