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FYS skateboard deck factory, expert in skateboard, longboard and cruiser deck manufacturing

FYS skateboard deck factory, based in middle of China, builds and supplies a variety of decks, more than a hundred types. We have our own patented shape designs and methods of pressing decks. Take a quick look at how we construct decks from veneers and why some decks are easier to break, with our advance professional machines. Or please make a review of how we make custom skateboard manufacturing.

FYS skateboard deck factory

Manufacturing at Skateboard Deck Factory

Veneer: veneer is the first key to a best deck.

Unlike many other factories, FYS Boards factory peels logs at our own facility. We purchase maple logs, originated from the Great Lakes region of North America, or source the best wood from local areas. And we also process bamboo, which is planted near our production base, to create new blends.

We have a skillful use of fiber glass, carbos fiber, to get better lightness and durability. Besides, to meet different market needs, we offer various wood choices or hybrids, such as North American maple, Siberian maple, and Chinese maple. 

Thickness, surface smoothness, texture, moisture content will be strictly examined before the next processing. Even the same species, ages, size, appearance of the wood or bamboo, as well the peeling methods, moisture content, storage condition, will affect the strength of the fiber. We will grade each veneer for a proper application.

Stained wood veneers are available. Colors include red, green, blue, black, or as requested. Besides fabricating skateboard with traditional maple wood or bamboo, FYS skateboard deck factory also combines wood or bamboo veneers with composite material such as carbon fiber, fiber glass, to get a new deck of better pop and durability. And we are always open to new technology. 

Why does a deck break easily? Causes from veneer:

A. So-called high-performance deck is actually pressed with inferior maple veneers. Actual load limit is much less than declared. For pure wood deck, Norther America maple is better than Siberian and Chinese wood. To balance cost and performance, some would choose to build a deck with different veneers species. Composite material, such as fiber glass, carbon fiber will also be used to help increase deck loads,

B. Ways of rotary cut will also affect the strength of the veneer. High-pressure-added peeling will yield more density in wood sheets, even with the same thickness.

C. Keeping 10% moisture in the veneer after deck being sealed with lacquer is also quite important. Too dry make the deck more easily break. It is suggested that skateboards are kept away from drying.

skateboard veneer production
skateboard bamboo veneer

Glue: No professional producer will ignore importance of glue

We have our own specially-designed deck glue formula, which has higher viscosity and less fluidity. It helps more glue stay between veneers while laminating.

We offer gluing solutions of both water-based glue and epoxy resin glue. Our glue is environmental-friendly and complies with European Standard EN71.

We spread glue to both side of core veneer and crossband veneer and one side for face veneer. Each layer of glue should reach minimum standard of 220g each square meter. This helps to ensure a best gluing effect, reducing deck delamination possibilities.

Why does a deck break easily? Causes from glue:

A. The amount of glue applied to each deck is far from required. Tightly glued and pressed veneers have much more strength than a normal piece of wood. That’s why skateboard deck is fabricated with laminating technology.

B. Less glue viscosity easily results in delamination and breaks.

Mold: a good mold delivers exactness and consistency in deck shape and concave

We precisely CNC our deck mold with aluminum or steel material. Our molds are designed to withstand more pressure and still maintain their original shape against distortion, Though, we examine our molds on a regular basis, we will replace with new molds if they reach the proper maximum output limit.

Custom deck molding is available. All you need to do is to send your 3D drawings or just your ideas. While it takes more time and effort than choosing from our existing public molds. These molds are either designed by us or have no property right issues. We offer a dozen of different deck concave molds, varying from sizes and shapes.

Custom molding VS existing molds

For OEM manufacturing a custom deck, some clients might be wondering whether choose to make a new mold or select from existing public molds. While it depends. If you design is unique and has some special mechanical and structural meaning, it would be a good idea to build a new mold and claim property right on it. It will also be good for brand protection.

Molding is relatively troublesome and costly for some new brand beginners. Therefore, using public molds will be a good choice. Even with the molds of the same concaves and profiles, we can OEM cutting the decks with different shapes. You only need to design your deck shape outline and send us a vector drawing.

skateboard mold

Hydraulic Press: the superman in skateboard deck factory

Thanks for hydraulic pressing machine, large volume of decks production become possible. Although FYS factory provide both hot and cold pressing service, we would advise the later process to ensure a more tough deck. Laminating the veneers in a hot temperature quickens the progress and brings more consistency in the concave with the original design. While cold press, in a room temperature, protects the wood fibers and promote integrity between veneers.

Our production base is installed with the several dozens of 60 tons hydraulic presses, especially designed for skateboard deck fabrication. Our machines generate more even pressure and features quick reload. We never stop to bring more advanced pressing technology.

We carefully balance the speed and quality. Usually, we will press four sets of veneers per mold. And a press machine can handle four molds per time. It might vary, according to difference in material, thickness and type of boards.

The development of press technology in manufacturing skateboard deck.

Primarily, the decks are pressed in hot temperature. Later, more and more factories tend to use cold press method. However, for some material, such as bamboo veneers, they are usually laminated with hot pressor.

skateboard press machine

Appearance: A good looking is another part of the good quality

After curing for 7 days, uncut laminated decks will be CNC routed to the desired shapes. All decks from FYS factory will be sanded for three rounds, before three layers of lacquer gloss application.

FYS skateboard factory 3

Skillful and experienced workers are designated here, to do the sanding and varnishing, as we know it directly reflects the high quality of high-end deck. Good lacquer sealing helps contain the proper moisture in the veneer and provide a good surface for the later painting process.

skateboard deck polishing

We can paint clients’ artworks with direct silk printing, silk printing transfer, UV digital printing transfer, laser engraving.

custom maple deck building

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information and our deck manufacturing capabilities

skateboard deck graphic UV printing
skateboard deck graphic UV printing
skateboard deck laser engraving
skateboard deck laser engraving