Skateboard Longboard Wholesale

MKskateboard®, a thriving brand for wholesale skateboards, longboards and cruisers

When and why you are suggested to bulk buy our branded skateboard, longboard and cruiser?

If you are a growing store, online or offline, and wish to get a quick turnover, we would suggest wholesale skateboard, instead of OEM custom manufacturing. MKskateboard® is globally registered. We have more than several hundred dealers from Asia, America, Europe and around the globe.

Our brand is testified by WEST49 in Canada, and Britain National Skating Team. MKskateboard® aims at both pros and enthusiastic beginners, who wish to ride on high quality boards, while at an affordable price. We have a full product range for all types of skaters, performing skills, chasing speed or competing in a match.

MK longboard

Details and specifications of MKskateboard®

MK wholesale skateboard details

Material: 7 plies, 100% Canadian Maple
Size: 31″x7.5″ 31.25″x7.625″ 32″x8″
Deck Technology: Cold-Press operation
Trucks material: Aluminum alloy 365T
Deck concave: Concave + double Kicktail
Glue: Epoxy resin glue, water-based adhesive
Dye layer: Any color and any number of layers
Wheels material: DuPont MDI high rebound PE

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Details and specifications of MKlongboard®

Material: Bamboo with Maple
Size: 36.5″x8″ more size for other model
Deck Technology: Cold-Press operation
Trucks: 7 inches MK high-end truck
Deck concave: Mellow concave
Glue: Epoxy resin glue, water-based adhesive
Wheels material: DuPont MDI high rebound PE
Package:4 pcs in one carton box

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MK wholesale longboard details

Our skateboard wholesale clients always praise advantages and uniqueness of our skateboard and longboards

wholesale longboard with various printing
9 plies longboard

Unique 9-ply longboard deck, lighter, softer and more flex

Fiberglass and bamboo material provide excellent flex and Canada hard maple ensure good toughness. UV film protect deck surface.

Special wheel flares design, maintain deck strength

For our specially designed flares, our deck does not need to cut the edges to create wheel flares and prevent wheel bite.

wheel flare design

Classic mellow W-concave design

It provides great comfort to feet and tight grip of the deck. We also provide other type concave upon customers’ design if needed.

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