Skateboard Manufacturing Equipment

Skateboard manufacturing equipment for making a good skateboard

Skateboard manufacturing equipment, as well as material and craftsmanship, helps to custom build an excellent skateboard or longboard. There are several major skateboard production machines, such log peeling machine, drying machine, glue applying machine, hydraulic press, CNC router, sanding machine, laser engraving machine, heat transfer printing machine.

Skateboard Manufacturing Equipment

Peeling Machine, the first step skateboard manufacturing equipment

Among all the machines, veneer peeling machine is the first skateboard manufacturing equipment which starts the whole production process. It peels the maple wood logs into veneers. The wood is fixed in a roller. The blade cut the wood while it revolves on its own axis. This equipment can adjust to get the suitable thickness of the veneer.

Dryer, skateboard manufacturing machine for reduce moisture

Workers will reduce the extra moisture from the veneer by using a huge dryer machine, which help maintain the moisture at a perfect level. The dryer is a large and long container, which has heaters inside. When the veneers go through the container on the rollers inside, they get dried. The speed of the roller and the temperature of the heater, determine how dry the veneer will be.

Skateboard manufacturing equipment-dryer machine

Glue spreader, skateboard production machine for applying glue

Fast speed glue spreader helps worker to apply glue to both side of the veneer quickly and effectively. The amount of glue used can be adjusted easily to the best quantity. Compared to manual gluing, glue spreader increases speed and accuracy.

Hydraulic press, the core skateboard manufacturing equipment

The pressing technology has developed into cold pressing technology. However, hot pressing technology is also used in fast production and some special material pressing, such as bamboo. A good design skateboard manufacturing press ensures both efficiency and quality. Usually 60 tons hydraulic press is often equipped in a large professional skateboard factory.

skateboard press machine

CNC routers, machine for shape cutting

CNC machine is now widely used in cutting the extra material of the semi-decks and drilling holes for fixing the truck. It delivers preciseness and perfection. A common wooden CNC router would be enough for this work. We usually install a dust collector to reduce the dust.

FYS skateboard factory 3

Deck polisher, guarantee surface smoothness

Although a lot of the works has already been replaced by machine, polishing still needs a lot of manual labor. The worker usually needs to hold the deck and polish the edges and surface of the deck on the polisher. The craftsmanship determines the quality of the polishing work. Nowadays there are robotic machine to help polishing, however, hands of worker can deliver the best job.

Laser engraving machine, present a unique engraving effect

If you need a special engraving logo or prints on the deck surface, a laser engraving machine would help to achieve this. It burns the surface of the deck.

skateboard manufacturing equipment-laser engraving machine

Heat transfer machine, fast deck printing solution

Head transfer is considered the best way to print graphics on the deck. The soft rollers of the heat transfer machine press the printed film together with the deck and leave the printings on the deck.

With the help of all the Skateboard manufacturing equipment, we can get tough bulk skateboard deck is a fast and economic way.

skateboard manufacturing press-skateboard manufacturing equipment