Worldwide skateboard manufacturers list

Worldwide skateboard manufacturers list

Although the most famous and oldest skateboard manufactures on the list are from the US, there are many reliable woodshops from other countries. With the development of manufacturing techniques, and equipment, sourcing high quality skateboard and longboard is possible world widely.

Custom build skateboard with FYSboard Factory

Skateboard Manufacturers List from Canada

ManufacturerFounding YearFoundersLocation
Woodchuck1996Max DufourOceanside, California
Control MFG1995Carl SavardSaint-Nicolas (Québec)

Skateboard Manufacturers List from USA

ManufacturerFounding YearFoundersLocation
Dwindle / DSM2003Steve Rocco, Rodney MullenEl Segundo, California
Chapman1991Gregg ChapmanDeer Park, NY
NHS Inc1973Doug Haut, Jay Shuirman, Richard NovakSanta Cruz, CA
Watson Laminates1975Charles WatsonSan Diego, CA
Skate One1976George PowellSanta Barbara, CA
South Central1992Chris AtchinsonELMORE, AL
Pennswood1996OIL CITY, PA
BBS1996Grant BurnsSan Diego

Skateboard Manufacturers List from Mexico

ManufacturerFounding YearFoundersLocation
PS StixPaul SchmittTijuana, Mexico

Skateboard Manufacturers List from Europe

ManufacturerFounding YearFoundersLocation
HLC DISTRIBUTION2000Igor IraolaIrún (Gipuzkoa)

Skateboard Manufacturers List from China

ManufacturerFounding YearFoundersLocation
JEEPING2000Zhongshan, Guangdong
CHOP CHOP2002Huizhou, Guangdong
EXCEL2004Huizhou, Guangdong
FYSboard Factory1997Shaoyan, Hunan

There are many doubts that manufacturers outside America provide skateboards or longboards of less quality. There surely be some worries among skateboarding fans. However, if you get to know how your skateboard decks are produced, you would get less worries.

Material: Maple from Canada around the great lakes are the best choice. However, with the increasing demand of skateboard and slow growth of maple trees, some substitutes are inevitable. Such are bamboo, or maple tree from other areas, or birch tree. Indeed, there should be strict requirement for manufacturing decking, needed by pro skaters. Beginners could have more choices. With the new improvement of producing methods, some other material, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber has also been introduced to add strength of the deck.

Technique: Cold pressing is regarded as the best pressing technology; however, it consumes a great time and energy. Hot press is still the most popular methods. For those who claimed that their decks are made with cold pressing, and also sell at a low price. It may not be true. There is always a balance with quality and price. And there is a no mystery.

Famous skateboard brands may choose one or more than one of them as their manufacturers. Not all brands have their direct factory, but arrange an OEM production.

FYS Bamboo Skateboard Manufacturer

With the rapid spreading passion for skateboarding around the globe, research and development of high quality and sustainable decks is inevitable. FYS board factory radically replaces traditional maple wood with more eco-friendly bamboo material, to build standard street popsicle skateboard decks. It takes 50 years for Canadian maple to grow while only 5 years for bamboo plant…

Bamboo deck outperforms in strength and pop – watch on youtube video

FYS factory wholesales and custom builds Surfskate decks and completes

Surfskating has become popular as more and more beginners become fond of skating sports. It would be easier to ride and can give skaters a feeling of surfing on land. FYS is capable of building high quality decks with material of bamboo, maple, fiberglass, carbon fiber and even plastic pc. We also supply high-performance surfskate trucks, wheels, bearing and so on.

portable surfskate skateboard
portable surfskate skateboard

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  1. lee says:

    Dear FYSboard factory, how do you custom build custom skateboard decks?

    • FYSboard says:

      Dear Lee, thanks for your interests in our skateboard deck customization service.

      1. We have longboard, standard skateboard, cruiser, and surfskate deck molds.
      2. For standard skateboard deck, we have high, medium and mellow concave options.
      3. For material, we have Canadian maple, Bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber glass.
      4. For printing graphic, we have traditional screen printed graphic and UV printed graphic.
      5. Do not hesitate to contact FYSboard factory, if you have plans to create skateboard decks with your own graphic and logo.
      6. Contact us.

  2. soco sk8tz says:

    I am currently opening a skate shop. Please reach out with a list of deck prices, sizes, and time frame of delivery. Thank you so much.

  3. Mario Manasiev says:

    Hello, my name is Mario Manasiev and I have been a skateboarder for many years. I decided that the time has come to make my own line of boards, I am currently developing a website and print design. I will be happy to make a successful partnership with you. .
    Sincerely, Mario Manasiev.

  4. markelov_alexandr says:

    Hi, I want to order boards for my brand from you. What is the minimum order quantity? I live in Russia, how is your delivery service?

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